Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal

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You love your lavender essential oil, but you hate the price tag and you don’t want to risk over-applying it.

The solution is Zofla Natural Lavender Water! This natural anti-depressant reduces tension and helps with sleep by spraying a few drops on your pillow or in the air. It’s also great for soothing irritated skin prone to rashes and allergies. And unlike most essential oils, this water doesn’t stain clothes or leave an oily residue that can be hard to wash out of clothing.

We make sure that every bottle of our natural lavender water has the highest quality standards possible so you can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful herb without having to worry about any negative side effects from chemical additives or pesticides.

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Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal
Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal

About Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal:

Zofla 100% pure, steam distilled Lavender water is made of Lavandula Hybrida, one of the most precious and fragrant oil-bearing Lavender. This very gentle Lavender water provides an instant boost to the skin and reduces stress with its herbaceous fragrance. Its calming action makes it perfect for sensitive, irritated skin prone to rashes and allergies. It has an enjoyable pleasant scent of Lavender, relieves frayed nerves, reduces tension and even aids in getting a good night’s sleep. Steam distilled Lavender Water handmade in small batches using copper pots.

Key Features of Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal:

• Zofla Natural Lavender Water tones and refreshes the skin!
• High-quality Lavender water made from the finest and most potent natural ingredients.
• Made using the ancient technique of steam distillation in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh.

FREE from alcohol, artificial fragrances & colors, phthalates, parabens, and other chemical nasties. Not tested on animals. Vegan & cruelty-free.

Ingredients of Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal:

Lavandula Hybrida, Water

Direction to use Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal:

Spray on face and body for a refreshing sensation. Reapply as desired!

Please Note:
Zofla Natural Lavender Water may contain some natural ‘sediment’ making it appear cloudy. This is made up of natural waxes/essential oil compounds that settle out of the distillate water and occurs after fine filtration. It does not indicate any deterioration in quality.

About Kannauj:

The Grasse of the East, Kannauj is where India’s most famous perfumes are born. From ancient times to the present day, it has been a hub for scents and exquisite oils in all forms – from traditional attars to innovative modern blends made with rare ingredients like Sandalwood oil and Rose Oil.

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3 reviews for Zofla Natural and Pure Lavender Water / Lavender Jal

  1. Ramesh Singhal

    Dude, your stuff is the bomb! Lavender water was the best purchase I ever made.

  2. Bhaskar Sirohi

    It seems to be high-quality Lavender water. They say that it’s Natural and Undiluted which makes it quite safe and effective to use… I am using it as my alternate toner and quite satisfied with the product quality.

    It smells so lovely and as soon as you spray it on your face it takes away all the stress and brings a lot of freshness and also works as a mood elevator. You will instantly feel refreshed after using it…

    It comes in a white REUSABLE plastic bottle with a mist spray mechanism. They also provide good quality virgin cotton (Separately packed) along with the product. I wish they could have provided some round cotton pads instead of raw cotton.

    Overall a quality product which offers decent value for money…

  3. Rishika Chatuvedi

    A very very lovely and satisfactory product by zofla.. specially that handwritten note with your name? it shows their efforts for their customer and product..and yes just an advice for the company that you people should do some advertisement for this brand because many of us don’t know the brand, only those who have done some research they will only buy this..

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