Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine

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Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine is a pure blend of essential oils that can be used to create the perfect mood. It has an exotic aroma that rejuvenates your senses, melts away undesirable feelings and helps to create a positive atmosphere.

The fragrance of this oil lasts for hours after application and can be diffused in any room in the house or office. With its unique scent, it blends well with other scents as well as being very effective on its own. It also works great when added to bath water for an aromatic experience! A great addition to every home!

This product is 100% natural, vegan and alcohol-free Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine which will help you set up the right ambience at home or workplace without using any harmful chemicals that may harm your health over time. Its exotic aroma rejuvenates your mind and soul while melting away negative thoughts.

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Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine
Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine

About Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine:

The scent of Jasmine has been known for its ability to soothe the mind and body, allowing one’s emotions to be at ease. The effects are calming physically and mentally as it helps people feel good about themselves again. Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine is a blend that will make you feel better than ever before with more positivity in your life!

Key Features of Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine:

• 100% pure natural, vegan and alcohol-free.
• Strong exotic floral note.
• Sensual connotation and uplifts the senses.
• Free from harmful chemicals.
• Energizing and uplifting.

Ingredients of Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine:

Jasminum Sambac, Dipropylene Glycol

Direction to use Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine:

Aromatherapy is a popular way to relax with the scent of natural oils. All it takes is adding few drops in warm water and place them into a fragrance diffuser. You’ll love it!

About Kannauj:

The Grasse of the East, Kannauj is where India’s most famous perfumes are born. From ancient times to the present day, it has been a hub for scents and exquisite oils in all forms – from traditional attars to innovative modern blends made with rare ingredients like Sandalwood oil and Rose Oil.

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1 review for Zofla Blended Diffuser Oil Kannauj Jasmine

  1. Bhaskar Sirohi

    It’s a reasonably good quality Rose Oil. They say It’s blended which means there is some base oil in which they have mixed a certain quantity of pure rose oil… I think for the asking price it’s definitely a good mix. Because 100% pure rose oil will be quite costly

    It has a mild rose smell which is not strong you will only get a hint of roses from it.. also in diffusers for a mild and lovely positive environment in the home and car…

    It comes in a shaded glass bottle with an external dropper system for ease of use.

    I think there is a big scope of improvement in this product…

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